CMA2019 Testimonial, Mary Ann Doherty

Témoignage de Mary Ann Doherty

Our goal was to make it to Bouctouche, New Brunswick, Canada for the Acadian Festival and our Maillet Family Reunion!

The history of the Acadians is a sad one. Back in 1755, the British decided to “just get rid of” all French speaking Acadians in Acadia (Nova Scotia).   But the cunning British did not just evict the Acadians from Acadia, they managed to “ completely split up the families”.   For example, the men and older boys were loaded onto ships and dropped off at various ports in the American colonies; then they went back for the women and children and dropped them at whatever ports.

The Acadians spent their lives looking for family and finding their way home, a home that no longer existed.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “Evangeline” tells the story better than I.

Well, we did make it to our family reunion, along with about a few hundred cousins.  We are all descendants of Jacques Maillet, born @ 1695, Paris, France.

Met my first cousin Bob and his daughter Ericka. The last time I saw Bob, he was a little guy, and went by the name “Bobby”.

Mary Ann and Bobby

Mary Ann and her cousin Bobby

Met some wonderful distant cousins, Herman, Maria and Michael Maillet, who graciously hosted us and our RV.

Mary Ann and friends

From left to right, Mary Ann, Michael, Herman, Bill and Maria

What a wonderful welcoming reunion!!!

groupe 2

Maillet Reunion participants — Participants à la Réunion de la Famille Maillet d’Acadie

Boy, do I have cousins!

Mary Ann